Our Story

Little Buddha Monogram

Little Buddha Cocktail Co. began as a simple idea: we wanted to create a line of products to complement a mindful lifestyle and enhance the moments in our lives that matter, in whatever small way we could. Sounds idealistic, right? And we get it. We’re not going to change the world with a drink, but our hope is that we might be able to make it just a little more Buddhaful.

Envisioned by founders and friends, Anne-Marie and Kim, Little Buddha Cocktail Co. has created a line of premium distilled cocktails, lovingly crafted with organic, health-forward and socially conscious ingredients to complement the mindful lifestyle our customers strive for. We balance natural, fruity sweetness with subtle herbal and floral notes, brought to life with light effervescence and low or no sugar options. Perfectly paired with a warm sunset on the dock, a backyard BBQ with family, or hosting a gathering of close friends; any moment when you pause, take a breath and think to yourself, this is nice. These are the moments we hope you’ll invite us to be a part of.


The term "Buddha" literally means enlightened one, and while we may not be Buddhists, we take inspiration from the simple teaching that one’s actions produce an effect in one’s life, and what one will be in the future depends on what one does now, in the present. Here’s how this philosophy takes shape in our company:

• We use simple, organic ingredients, locally sourced and thoughtfully curated

• We work to ensure we are as sustainable as possible, using alternative fuel for distillation and reusing mash for animal feed so nothing is wasted and our impact on the Earth is minimal

• We support our community and the environment through charitable initiatives.

We know that being mindful isn’t always easy; Of how we live our lives. Of what we put in our bodies. Of the impact we make on our planet. As consumers, we are bombarded with choices, and it’s sometimes difficult to know if we’re making the right ones. Little Buddha Cocktail Co. is here to to make those choices a little easier for those consumers who believe, like us, that what we do today shapes our tomorrow.

So here’s to letting the spirit move you, and to being mindful, together.